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Tuesday, 26 June 2007 02:44
Association of financial professionals involved in various activities related to reform of public funding and improving the financial administration of the municipal level. The association represents the interests of municipalities participating in the financial field "working group" formed by the Ministry of Local Government, tasked to review existing laws governing the finances and make recommendations to the Ministry of Local Government for preparation of the Law on Financing Units local government. Besides the issue of the monthly Newsletter, the Association has organized and sponsored several workshops and seminars in the following areas: techniques of preparing municipal budgets, cost, application of the law on public procurement, international accounting standards, reform of local government; need for fiscal decentralization, and office filing, the process of budgeting, the process of reporting, preparation of annual accounts, the Administration of local taxes and fees, internal control and audit, business and Treasury and more. This activities are constantly educating the membership.
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